About WhattNext

Whattnext is a Digital Platform created and dedicated to all individuals of every age group. We are committed to helping professionals, Housewives, students, parents, and teachers to understand their mindset and to help them in their overall transformation. We provide a huge range of knowledge and tools to the followers related to different aspects of fitness, relationships, parenting, education, and personal growth. We regularly post articles with tips on different aspects of life via blogs and social media to inspire our followers in dealing with their challenges. Our ultimate objective is to set up a Digital Platform and build a community that enables people to get quick solutions and results.

We believe that life happens for us, so everything and every situation in our life is happening for some reason and is guided by supreme power “THE GOD”. That’s called a journey of life. Like, when a mother gives birth to a baby, a new life or a soul enters this world. The way of coming of a new life is already designed by the universe and the whole process of giving a new life brings shine at the end of the process. During this process, a mother undergoes immense pain and hardship, but with the help of experts (Doctors or elders) the whole process becomes smooth and eventually, after 9 months, she gives birth to her ultimate happiness, her child. In the same way, we all are on the journey of life and undergoes pain and hardship many times at the point of life, but not to forget that there is a light after every dark tunnel and GOD has put us in the situation to bring us to the opportunity we have always been looking for. By taking some guidance from the experts we can ease out our hardship period and come to our happiness point easily and fast.

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To be the platform that best understands and empowers the clients- globally. It’s all about being creative in the present and establishes the future.


Whattnext’s mission is to bring the revolution in the coaching industry through our transparent and unique way of transforming life. We want to empower every individual who considers themselves as ordinary by eliminating their barriers to opportunities they have and guide them to reach their full potential through learning and enabling them to use the power of action. We are passionate about changing and excelling in the world in every aspect of life through our coaching concepts.