Gadget's Impact On Children

Nowadays technology plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. Gadgets are more popular in children then the elders. Even after numerous tries, parents are unable to keep children away from gadgets. As the gadgets are developing day by day, their addiction is also increasing within fractions. There are multiple Gadgets available in the market, which attract kids very fast, or let’s say in one go. Even now the electronics companies are also getting very smart, earlier they used to manufacture the electronics which are specifically used by the adults for their office work. But now they have converted those electronics into the Gadgets (with multi options) and manufacturing such products which can be used by every member of the family. Like any other thing, Gadgets do have their pros and cons, which definitely impacts youngsters and kids too both physically and mentally.

Positive impacts of Gadgets:

Improve Motor Skills: Motor Skills are the skills that are linked with muscles of small movements like lips, fingers, wrists, tongue, and toes. So, when toddlers play games on gadgets their fingers and hands get a workout. This is a healthy exercise for growing children.

More fun for kids: Gadgets are more fun for kids while they use them. They enjoy playing various games and watching videos. Electronic devices have much more advanced learning options for children in a fun way than books or any other methods

Technology Friendly: Technology has been proven to be very helpful in educating students. They can get detailed knowledge about any required topic. A visual presentation, educational videos, interactive programs, learning tutorial and a variety of books available on the internet has revolutionized education in a better way.

Developed mind and intelligent skills: As we all know that the technology has no end, in the same way, kids are getting huge exposure while they use Gadgets at an early age. They are already aware of all the present technology and would be able to adopt the same very fast. Due to this, teenagers are able to contribute to the technology.

Negative impacts of Gadgets:

Cause of Death / Negative Impact on character: There are thousands of apps and games are available in the play store, however, some are good and some of them are bad. Usually, Kids are unable to differentiate, which App or Game they have to use. The classic example of the same is PUBG, it is a well-known game in the world. As per the statistic, Kids follow all the rules and regulations and get immersed in the game so much, which leads to death. So, it is the biggest problem with the kids to use Gadgets in today’s time.

Learning problems: Children learn a lot of things before the age of five years, even toddlers learning perspective is much faster than children. If they are using gadgets their time to communicate with their parents and learning is bounded. They need proper time talking with their parents so they can learn new words and how to communicate. They need their parents and not the gadgets.

Restrains Social Relationships: When kids and gadgets became inseparable, the kids are busier with the gadgets and have less bonding with the family and friends. Your kids could grow up without any normal friends outside his electronic world.

Anxiety: As we all know that, the biggest source of socialization and emotional connection is a physical meeting, but because of Kid's involvement in Gadgets, they are separating from the real world. So, whenever in life they have to face the world or a real-life situation, they feel less confident and a different sense of Anxiety.

Health Issues: Kids use mobile phones and laptops for different purposes like playing games, watching videos, chatting with friends, listening to music, and even for their homework. Schools are also getting digitalized nowadays and give online activities, assignments, and even prefer to take online tests. As children are spending most of their time on these activities, they don’t focus on their sitting posture, distance between the phones and eye, screen brightness, also don’t do any physical activities, and hardly go to parks to play, which unfortunately affects their overall health. In the 21st century, we are unable to keep our children and ourselves away from these devices.

Important Tips:

Set time for using screens: The best practice to restrict the time children spend on gadgets and never allow them to use after their time is over. This must include the time they on mobile phones/ TV or any other gadgets.

Set time for Outdoor Activities: Parents should encourage the kids to play outside with friends and siblings. This will enhance kid’s communication with other kids. It’s far better to play with pets like cats and dogs instead of busying with animated movies. It is better for physical growth too.

Gadgets as babysitters: Mostly it is seen that parents give mobile phones to the kids so that they can finish their work in peace. This is not a good idea. Instead, parents should busy their kids in some creative activities, puzzles, toys and coloring or storybooks.

Ensure adequate sleep of your child: Children must sleep 8-10 hours a day. Good sleep is very necessary for good health. Good sleep helps recover eyes from the strain and for efficient working of the brain.

Ensure of what Apps / Games are used by Kids: There must be surveillance on the kids, to look after what the kids are doing. Like what types of games and apps are using by them.


Everything in life is good if it is used in a limited way. Excess of everything is bad. Some suggestions have already been given above to help parents about limiting your child’s exposure to gadgets. Encouraging our children to use the gadgets in the educational field and for study, purposes can change their lives drastically. The use of gadgets in a constructive way can lead to healthier and efficient minds.  More suggestions and your opinion are most welcome. Feel free to share your suggestion, so that fellow parents and their kids can be benefitted.

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