Language- A barrier

A language is a system of communication that consists of a set of sounds and written symbols that are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing. Imagine, if the speaker and the receiver are not using the same language, there is no point of communication. If the other person is not able to understand what you are trying to say, the communication is totally ineffective. There are many languages in the World, but only one Language i.e. English which is being spoken around the Globe and which facilitates cross-cultural communication between different regions and nations.


Documentation: English is the primary language used for business globally. Mostly all the documents, including emails, reports, MOM, Memos are written in English. It is always beneficial to know this language for official purposes too.

Opportunity: in India, the first language either is Hindi or any other regional Language. So, if the person is a fluent English speaker, the Job Opportunities in Multi-National Companies would be very high.

Travel: English language makes and helps people to fulfill their travel dreams easily. There is a high probability that mostly the hotel/restaurant employees/store merchant speaks English, due to which you can enjoy your travel without any hassles and would be able to converse with the people.

Educational Mastery: Students who speak good English may also get scholarships to study in foreign. Like Hayward, oxford, etc. Basic knowledge also leads to very good opportunities in life at times.

Confidence booster: in every field of life, if you are a good English speaker, it automatically boosts your confidence. Once your confidence level goes up, you start feeling valuable, respected, presentable, and stoppable. This always helps to remove many barriers from your way.


When we have many advantages to learn this language, on the other side of the coin there are many disadvantages as well. If a person is not so perfect in this language there are consequences as well.

Inferior Complex: as already discussed above that how important is to know this language, but if someone if not comfortable with this Language, people won’t treat him in a respected way. They comment or tease that person and this leads to the inferiority complex in him and pull down his moral.

High pressure on Kids: In India, everyone speaks either Hindi or any other Regional Language at their home. There are very few families who speak regularly in English with their kids. So, when kids go to school and have to study everything in English, they face a big challenge and difficulty matching up with their fellow mates. This thing creates a huge pressure on kids.

Competition: Without English, you can’t do anything in today’s time. There is high competition in the market and the person who does know English faces many difficulties. Even employers give preference to the one who is fluent in this Language.

I have listed down few important and disadvantages of the English language above. Looking forward to know what you have to say about this. Request you to share your views I the below comment section.

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