Why women are so complicated?

I am sure many people must be laughing after reading the heading and I am more confident the females themselves will agree to it and if not they might after reading this write up.
A couple of days back I was talking to one of my friends about something and being a female I was so confused about my dress to be wear in the upcoming party. The discussion was on for a pretty good time I must say. But, there was no solution to it. I was so confused if Black will suit me the most or the Red. I was looking for some confirmation from my friend, but unfortunately, she is also a female and we took a good time to decide. As the conversation was still on, we start discussing why we females are so confused and identified so many fun facts and incidences that I found it worth sharing with my audience.
Unexpected expectations: 
Have you ever been into a situation, when everything is going super cool or normal with your partner and all of a sudden you started feeling lonely? Now, in that situation, you want some good amount of pampering, cuddling and some love, affection from your partner. But now the tragedy is, your partner is not aware that you are feeling low and what you need. Now, the situation gets worst, when you expect that your partner should understand your issues or problems without letting him know. Ohh my gosh!! Worst ever situation it is. Because now it’s a time, when you are feeling low have lots of expectations from your partner, but he is not doing for what you are waiting for. Unlucky Guy!! At this moment, you get irritated and the result is well known to everybody. A BIG BIG BIG fight between you and your partner.
Majority of males are Astrologers:
Life is pretty simple, but don’t know why females love to make it so complicated. Truly speaking, ladies, love to torture their partners a lot. Every male or female would agree with this that the women are extraordinary spices. What they want and what exactly they are looking for is a big question for them too.
But still, women expect their men to understand, analyze, and to act according to their mood only. They won’t say anything to their partner about why she is upsets and what they want her partner to do. Is she waiting for a discussion or any compliment, apologies or just a simple hug? But she wants her partner to do the same, what is going in her mind. Even, I heard this many times women saying to their men that you should know about my feelings, even without I am uttering a word.
OMG!! It's unrealistic for me, Why females expect that males will understand themselves, what is going in her mind, even without telling them? Have these guys done any course of “astrology” or “how to read women’s mind”?
Be different, but don’t change:
The female's satisfaction level is so high, that it’s very difficult to meet her expectations. Being a male, do whatever you can’t meet her satisfaction. Many of us having the complaint from our partner that they don’t compliment us. Mostly, this is the biggest reason of that husband/wife fights. That wife feels so unwanted, unappreciated, unloving, and so on and on. But answer me honestly, if your partner praises you and compliments you what is the first question that comes in your mind..
Isn’t it, what happened to him? Or what is his motive? Or maybe what he wants from me? Or is he drunk?
So, that’s how we effectively won’t allow our partners to live happily ever. If they didn’t praise us it gives you insecurities and if they do so, it gives us doubt.
We all want our partner to do something which they have never done in the past, but at the same time, we don’t want them to change. Is it possible??
Attention Seekers:
Though females are much sorted, they know what they want from the world and themselves, but don’t know what happened with them when it comes to their closed ones. They don’t expect much from the world as undoubtedly; they are sufficient and capable enough to achieve whatever they want to. But when it’s about someone close, it’s difficult for him to manage his women.
Women are good when they are in a friend zone, but the moment they come into the relationships, expectations goes high, all things change suddenly, now they don’t like anything that they used to. Now, they are looking for more time from their partner, even the same amount of time is not enough for them and many more things. Fffuuu.
I guess, God created a woman like that only. All this happens because females are over-thinker, attention seekers, they need empathy or sympathy, and even they are not sure about their emotions. They don’t expect these things from the world, but yes from the one who is close to her. From the one, she is confident about. Be it family member, brother, boyfriend, husband or a good close friend. I guess due to this only, men and women are already categorized as spices from the different planets.  
Men are sorted and they do what exactly they want to do. They say what exactly they mean, but the women are the ones who make a fuss out of it. They want to say something else and will say something else.
Root Cause: as now we have many examples that women are so complicated, confuse, and hard to handle, but what is the root cause of it. Maybe the society we can say. If we go in our childhood and analyze that boys are free and parents hardly bother less about them. But since childhood, females are being treated with loads of love and they are like a heartbeat of the family. Have you heard that “daddy daughters”? Exactly, since childhood, girls are getting very special and loving treatment. They get whatever they want to in their hands. Be it clothes, gifts and whatever. Girls are so attached to their parents and family that they don’t have to make any choices ever. They always get the best in everything. So, when they have to make their own decisions, they get confused and looking for the approvals. Also, they are habitual of that love and pampering since childhood that they expect the same from their partners too.
So the point is being aware of the complication we have and look for an alternative way of thinking. 


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