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There is nothing like that you cannot improve, if you are low at your self confidence. You can do this just taking control of your own mind. By taking some specific actions that will improve your image, without the help of anyone else.
There are so many things which can do easily and these are not new to you. You just need to focus and be regular in what you are going to start. Go slow, but do it regular. We have pen down few things below which worked for everyone till now. You just need to choose couple of them and start working on them one by one.  

Stop Comparison: When people start comparing themselves with others in terms of wealth, health, love, fiends and income etc, they start losing their self confidence. The more attention you pay in comparison the more you divert yourself from your goal. Whenever you start comparing, remind yourself that it won’t help you ever. Everyone has their own journey and you have to run your own race by your own.

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