Maaniit Sharma

I spent my whole life trying to prove people wrong if anyone ever doubted me. I said I was going to prove them wrong. I wanted to prove my bullies wrong, I wanted to prove my teammates wrong, my teachers wrong, my coaches wrong and anyone that ever doubted me WRONG. Proving people wrong became my fuel, it was the energy that got me to wake up early and got me to get out of bed every morning and train for hours every single day. I wanted to prove my worth to others so that I could finally be happy and I did.

I became an Amazon bestseller author, a senior Dance Choreographer, a fitness coach, and always achieved my best in every field. I achieved everything I set up for, broke every personal record, and crushed every milestone I set up for myself. And I was supposed to be happy, BUT I WASN’T.  I started thinking about the root cause and then one day I realized that in the race of proving others wrong, I am only hurting myself and the only thing I am achieving is placing the power in their hands, and that how I lose my inner peace. That’s the reason I am not happy. That’s how I become powerless. That day I decided instead of looking to prove others wrong, I should be looking to lift others up. I find the way to add more joy in my life by focusing on what I can give to other people and how can I impact the lives of others, and lift them up. This is the only way to power back is through forgiveness and the only way to claim your inner peace is through Acceptance. So, I start with forgiving other people and start by accepting myself. And since then I never feel like I have to prove another wrong again. I am working for my community and my society. I am happy that I have touched so many lives in that short period of time.